Hackershala Summer Accelerator Program / Internship

Since 2019 every summer Hackershala hosts a cybersecurity accelerator program for anyone who is looking to kickstart or innovate in the field of technology.

The main aim of this program is to provide participants with a unique platform for 6 weeks where they will learn, innovate and deliver industrial level projects under the expert guidance.

We invite experts to share their knowledge on various subjects and from different industries like law enforcement officers, forensic experts, investors, researchers, judiciary etc. 

This 6 weeks program is like an accelerator where you can kick start your journey into cybersecurity and technology using Hackershala’s resources.


  • LOR
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Certificate of Internship
  • Hands on projects

How does it work ?

Students start by choosing their objectives

  • Scaling a product already built
  • Getting job ready 
  • Technical Research 
  • Trying to build a product of my own 

They get assigned a mentor based on their choices who will guide them throughout their journey.

A final submission day will be done where all the development will be showcased in front of a jury composed of a diverse bench of experts. Through which the students may grab some good and promising opportunity


May 15 2023
Accel starts
May 16 2023
Orientation and mentors are assigned
May 22 2023
First weekly idea exchange meet for participants
May 29 2023
Random challenges are given
June 5 2023
Mentor meet and sprint planning
June 12 2023
Expert guidance starts
June 19 2023
Final presentations starts
June 26 2023
Valedictory ceremony and prize distributions

Our mentors

Rakshit Tandon
Dr. Rakshit Tandon
Chief Mentor

“Inke bare mei wikipedia pe padhlo”
This name needs no introduction in the field of cybersecurity.
He is our chief mentor who is always present for his students no matter what.
He has been a visiting faculty to many prestigious government institutions and is a board member of reputed educational institutes. He through his experience can turn the soil to gold and a black hat to white hat in minutes 😉
Rest we honestly would like you to google about him as his achievements needs a separate webpage altogether.

Adv. Mahir Gupta

Our sweet friendly Mr. CEO who can turn into a tech ninja real soon.This guy used to be an ethical hacker (not sure of the ethical word) then pursued his law and simultaneously worked on
his business. That sounds too much ? no, not for this guy ! He is the one pulling all threads to make it worthwhile for the students of Hackershala. He has worked on many sophisticated cyber incidents and confidential government projects which he generally doesn’t talk about. You’ll find him either hosting business meetings or checking up on everybody in the office. This man is unpredictable !

Mohd. Yahya Mansuri
CTO, founding team

Oh ! Here comes the bad boy of our company ! This guy made it to the headlines of an international newspaper due to his work and by work we mean some offensive hacker thing !
Damn, this guy has some lethal coding skills. He likes his codes sharp which can tear through any server or network like a spear. He only knows three color Red,green and blue oh one more i.e. black but don’t worry he is now a whitehat by day ! He is one of those hollywood shit hackr personified. Learn it all from him !
Aman Ahuja

Aman the crypto god is a tech geek of our startup. He joined as an intern but damn this guy got some speed and knowledge. He is the flash of the tech world. Problems ? Nope aman doesn’t have time for them ! You will find him silently mentoring 2-3 people about how to get a good job in the tech industry !
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