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Kickstart your career with Hackershala by learning the top 3 preferred skill set of the Tech Industry.

Cyber Security

Data Science

Digital Marketing

We have distributed each Course Training Journey into
3 Parts
i.e. - 0x01 , 0x02 , 0x03 .

You can start from the very basic i.e. - 0x01 to reach the advance level i.e. - 0x03

Our Scholarship Programme

We also have a Scholarship Programme for Cyber Security & Data Science Courses , where you can get a minimun discount of 10%

You can Avail this Scholarship by signing up on - our platform, where you have
to solve Tech Challenges to get the scholarship.

Don't let your Financial hindrances slow down your growth
enroll into Hackershla's special EWS Scholarship programme
and learn totally Free of Cost .

Our Founder & Director Mr. Rakshit Tandon has trained over


Students and professionals across the nation including the Police Force, Intelligence Agencies and many more Government & Private Agencies.

Placement Guidance

Not only by education, rather we add value
to your career by providing you with Placement opportunities at various Tech Enabled Companies.

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