Hackershala does not take title to returned items (except in some cases).

    1. Hackershala only returns the payment within the purchase of 24 hours of the product.

    2. Upgrades, Unlimited and Subscription Access

    3. When using the Website, you may choose to purchase: 

    1. certain Upgrade services (including Unlimited);

    2. access to Online Content and Courses which require a one-off upfront fee to be paid before you can gain access (including Professional Certificates and Micro credentials) (“Paid Upfront Courses”); or 

    3. a paid Subscription for access to a number of Online Content and Courses including training sessions (“Subscription Access”). 

    4. To obtain an Upgrade (including Unlimited), Paid Upfront Courses, or Subscription Access you agree to pay the amount specified on the course description page of the Website. All prices quoted include all applicable sales tax (e.g., Goods & Services Tax (“GST”)).  

    5. Sometimes if you select Subscription Access you will obtain a (the “Free Trial Period”). You agree that any statutory cooling-off period will therefore begin at the start of the Free Trial Period and end exactly seven days after the Free Trial Period started. Once the Free Trial Period has ended, unless you cancel the subscription, we will charge your credit or debit card or the payment mechanism selected by you for Subscription Access. After the Free Trial Period ends you will be granted Subscription Access and you will no longer be entitled to a refund.  Your Subscription Access will continue until you cancel your Subscription Access in your Account or until you have completed the course(s) within your Subscription Access, upon which it will terminate automatically. 

    6. You agree that in the event we are unable to collect any fees for Subscription Access owed to us, we may take other steps that we deem necessary to recover any fee owed by you to us.

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